Banyuls 31

Name of the station


Name in the BenthOBS database

SNO Banyuls 31


66 - Pyrénées-Orientales


Laboratoire d'Écogéochimie des Environnements Benthiques


Céline LABRUNE (

WFD water mass

FRDC01 – Frontière espagnole – Racou Plage



42.506667 (WGS84)

3.143167 (WGS84)

Start of the survey

1968, 1994, 2003

Periodicity of the survey

Once a year in winter since 2003, twice a year since 2019

Surveyed parameters

Benthic invertebrate macrofauna abundances (> 1 mm)

Biomass (AFDW)


Organic matter

Neighbourhood of other NOS


Direct access to data 


Historical data available in datasets Guille, Revisite_Banyuls, Natura_2000 and IBIS

Related bibliography

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