Pierre Noire

Name of the station

Pierre Noire


29 - Finistère


Station Biologique Roscoff


Céline HOUBIN (houbin@sb-roscoff.fr)

WFD water mass

FRGC11 - Baie de Morlaix



48.7083 (WGS84)

-3.8662 (WGS84)

Start of the survey


Periodicity of the survey

Two times per year

Surveyed parameters

Benthic invertebrate macrofauna abundances (> 1mm)
Benthic fish abundance

δ13C and δ15N of macrofauna (invertebrates and fish)
Organic matter

Neighbourhood of other NOS

Somlit, Phytobs, Coast-HF, Sonel

Direct access to data



This long-term survey was initiated following the pollution of the bay by oil from the Amoco Cadiz in March 1978.

The point is 0.3 miles south-east of the Pierre Noire beacon (NE of Morlaix Bay) at a depth of 17 metres from the chart datum on fine sand Abra alba-Hyalinoecia bilineata community.

Sampling is done using a Smith McIntyre grab (10 unit samples of 0.1 m2 at each survey for a total area of 1 m2). Sieving is carried out on a 1 mm circular mesh. Samples are fixed to 10 % neutral formalin.

Sampling frequencies have changed over time: 12/year from 1977 to 1985, 5/year from 1986 to 2007, 2/year since 2008.

The Pierre Noire site has been a DCE support site since 2007.

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