Rivière de Morlaix

Name of the station

Rivière de Morlaix


29 - Finistère


Station Biologique Roscoff


Céline HOUBIN (houbin@sb-roscoff.fr)

WFD water mass

FRGT06 - Rivière de Morlaix



48.6545 (WGS84)

-3.8678 (WGS84)

Start of the survey


Periodicity of the survey

Two times per year

Surveyed parameters

Benthic invertebrate macrofauna abundances (> 1 mm)

δ13C and δ15N of macrofauna
Organic matter

Neighbourhood of other NOS

Somlit, Phytobs, Coast-HF, Sonel

Direct access to data



This long-term survey was initiated following the pollution of the bay by oil from the Amoco Cadiz in March 1978.

The point is located at the entrance of the Morlaix River near the locality of Kerarmel by 8 meters of depth compared to the zero of the maps on muddy fine sand Abra alba–Melinna palmata community.

Sampling is done using the Smith McIntyre grab (10 unit samples of 0.1 m2 at each survey for a total area of 1 m2). Sieving is carried out on a 1 mm circular mesh. Samples are fixed to 10 % neutral formalin.

Sampling frequencies have changed over time: 12/year from 1977 to 1985, 5/year from 1986 to 2007, 2/year since 2008.

Related bibliography

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